Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After seeing the massive obsession with 50s fashion at LFW, YoN decided to do some research on the subject and headed over to Beyond Retro on Cheshire St to get the real thing. Clearly those clever fashion bunnies were way ahead of me as YoN was greeted with a replica of Draper's Mad Men office, complete with vintage outfits and half empty scotch bottles. There was also a handy rail of genuine 50s articles for those who want to emulate Betty and co.

YoN was seduced by this gorgeous blue floral-printed dress. Although I managed to get a hefty discount it requires some serious restoration before it sees any dinner and dancing dates. Also must find a Don Draper type, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, to take me.

Also while browsing, I found this absolute gem which I couldn't resist trying on and then refused to take off, trying to justify all the places I could wear a Disney Princess gown...

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