Saturday, July 31, 2010


For the girl about town who needs some quick glamour in her life, The Powder Room is the perfect fix. After the success their flag ship salon, launched last year on Colombia Road, the girls have moved to Soho to bring their fabulous retro style to those busy city types.

In their cute pink uniforms, the girls offer a range of hair and make-up fixes as well as manicures. Their Late For a Date service is the perfect hit for girls about to hit the town or go to meet a hottie as you will be pampered and beautified, will be able to change your outfit, and can even leave your excess belongings over night so you don't have to cart them along with you. Clearly this is what all those annoyingly glamorous women have been doing all this time.

The oh-so-talented Beth taught YoN the Make-Up Ticks of the Trade in an hour session where she showed me how to perfect my technique and watched as I tried to emulate her skills, all the time giving encouraging advice and explaining how to high-light my best features.

The first look we tried was a typical smokey-eye, so easy when you know how, yet ultra-sexy.

The key to this look is to blend, blend, blend! Beth explained you need to start with the lightest colour and work through to the darkest, layering plenty of mid colour along the fold of the lid and working the dark colour along the lash-line and then emphasising with liner. Another nifty trick is to do they eyes first and foundation last, as this way you can clean up the inevitable powder spill under the eye. For a complete glam look, always remember to highlight the inside corner of the eye and along the brow-bone and to fill in brows with a powder and brush.

The next look is the quintessential 50s flick. The key to a great flick is to make sure it follows the natural line up from your bottom lashes. You do one long line from the inside of top of the eye, flicking upwards and then you fill in the flick after. A good way to do this on yourself is to lift your chin right up so your face is tilted and you can do it with your eyes open. To finish, buff-on foundation so it doesn't go on too thick. Then add some blusher on the apple of the cheek, then sweeping upwards in a "Nike Tick" shape. To complete the look, apply some pillar-box red lipstick, remembering to start with lip liner so it doesn't bleed.

All the make-up in the salon is Paul & Joe which not only has cute retro packaging is really great quality. Their foundation is one of the most luminous YoN has every seen. The Powder Room also offers hen-dos and other special events. Check out www.thepowderpuffgirls.com


Monday, July 19, 2010


This Saturday Vice and The Creators Project came to London for a day and night of exhibitions, interactive talks and gigs including Mark Ronson & The Business, Tinchy Stryder and Kele. A lucky bunch including YoN got free tickets to the event as well as yummy free cocktails all night! Mayhem and fun was had until a crazy girl with a press pass and weird bun-type bunches in her hair(still trying to figure out who she was. Anyone?)decided to try and beat YoN up by pulling at my hair and refusing to let go despite numerous people trying to save me! Quite rightly, she was dragged away by security before any damage was done. YoN hopes she had a lovely night outside in the street.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ever since John Peel heard the teenage Dels and put him on the radio, the young MC has been generating hype with his mix of electronica beats and hip-hop vocals.

Dels debut single Shapeshifter has been produced by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and features a sublime clash of cool indie rhythms and dirty rap. The track was inspired by memories of Dels' childhood when he wished he could escape the limitations of growing up in a small town. YoN loves the hope and ambition in this young rapper and hopes his dreams will come true.

Dels is named Band Of The Day by The Guardian...


Buy the single here...



Saturday, July 10, 2010


Let's run away together and go somewhere special. When we come back, we won't tell anyone where we have been...


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Premier Models and Farhi by Nicole Farhi are on the look-out for the next queen of festival bling, with the winner getting the chance to sign up with Premier and model in a Nicole Farhi campaign. Yay or Nay caught up with them scouting for girls at Wireless this weekend. The campaign is being photographed by the lovely Huggy Ragnarsson and judging by these shots, which Huggy very kindly let Yay or Nay take, it's going to look stunning.


Yay or Nay is a very very happy bunny after managing to blag free tickets to Wireless Festival in Hyde Park yesterday. YoN ran around like a very excitable child taking crowd photography of these awesome people...

...when YoN turned around and literally ran into the stunning and lovely Lisa Snowdon. Staggering away in shock, who did YoN turn around to find but Henry Holland, who is also an absolute sweetheart, shaking his booty to Missy Elliot!

As if the day wasn't already pretty up there, YoN, being very confused and star-struck already, stumbled upon some kind of fashion shoot, which YoN will leave for a separate blog post as it does in fact deserve one of its own...

Although there were doubts about how fun a London festival can be, what with the inevitable general social disorder implied, there was a surprisingly friendly and fun-filled vibe with all sorts of different people coming together to try and enjoy the sun and beats while they last. Crazy party-goers shared the love and happy pills were a-plenty.

There was plenty of flesh on show as guys showed-off their abs and girls showed off the cream of festival fashion which included lots of crop-tops and bright pink lipstick. Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg and 2 Many DJs rocked out although LCD Soundsystem received a less than friendly reception which included a number of thrown bottles. All in all a very good time was had by all.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yay or Nay shopped our little heart out today at the Pop Store Sample Sale. Pop Store is one of the latest in the craze for blink-and-you-missed-it fashion. In a culture saturated with a different hype every weekend, it's the best way for girls about town to stay ahead of the curve and boast that sadly the place they found their cool new neon LnA playsuit is now just a memory in high-street history.

Yay or Nay squealed over bargains a-plenty with some other lovely bloggers from Vice Blogging Network including Miggy Likes The Internet and Mlle Milly who showed us their favourite pieces.

Disney Couture jewellery is on sale!!! Bargainisious!!! Yay or Nay nabbed this Castle ring for £20 and the LnA playsuit below for £30. The store is at Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Queensway, for the time being... go there now!!