Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After seeing the massive obsession with 50s fashion at LFW, YoN decided to do some research on the subject and headed over to Beyond Retro on Cheshire St to get the real thing. Clearly those clever fashion bunnies were way ahead of me as YoN was greeted with a replica of Draper's Mad Men office, complete with vintage outfits and half empty scotch bottles. There was also a handy rail of genuine 50s articles for those who want to emulate Betty and co.

YoN was seduced by this gorgeous blue floral-printed dress. Although I managed to get a hefty discount it requires some serious restoration before it sees any dinner and dancing dates. Also must find a Don Draper type, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, to take me.

Also while browsing, I found this absolute gem which I couldn't resist trying on and then refused to take off, trying to justify all the places I could wear a Disney Princess gown...


Nicole Farhi unveiled her lastest collection against the stunning backdrop of the Royal Opera House yesterday. With Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld in the front row,and a champagne reception beforehand, it was one of the most glamorous shows yet.

The fashion press hovered around Wintour, who, true to form,ignored everyone and was as cool as ever with her trademark bob and sunglasses.

The collection was big on statement dresses with a mixture of sheer fabrics and bold textures in bright pinks and brilliant whites.

After the show I met the rather lovely Bill Nighy who asked me how I enjoyed the show. Who knew he was such a fashion lover, although he has been rocking geek glasses years before all the style kids decades his junior.


Monday, September 20, 2010


Fashion's obsession with Mad Men style saw no chance of coming to an end at Caroline Charles. Ladylike lux was the mood for Friday's show at LFW, with boxy jackets, waisted dresses and huge skirts throughout. Finish the look with neat white gloves, kitten heels, a stylish hat and of course lashings of diamonds and pearl necklaces. Sometimes fashion is all about playing dress-up and this look will make you feel like you're skipping through 1960s New York on the arm of Don Drapper.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Paul Costelloe got London Fashion Week off to a flirty, fun-filled start yesterday with his up-beat collection of cutesy Tinkerbell style dresses. Massive bows, graphic prints and full skirts were major motifs in the collection which also included slinky maxi-dresses, tailored playsuits and light-weight jackets. Inspired by 'The Twenties and a hint of Rock n' Roll,' the collection was a lot younger than the Dublin-based designer's usual wares. The menswear collection, as well as including impeccably tailored suits, kept the fun with Hawaiian print shorts teamed with a suit jacket. The soundtrack of Eliza Doolittle summed up the feeling perfectly. As they say... "Pack-up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea."


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you are not dressed as a unicorn or a duck then this is the only way to rock laid-back festival fashion. Sticking to the rule that if you show some skin, you need to cover-up elsewhere, they manage to look sexy without looking trashy. The simple hair and make-up is either an act of brilliance that took hours or they really did roll out of bed looking this good. Damn them!



Somewhere in a land far far away lies a place on the other side of the rabbit hole. For those with the patience to get there, a weekend of decadence and hedonism awaits them.

Upon arrival, with very fuzzy heads, YoN and my companions got lost, which wasn't the best start. After stopping to ask the way at a delightful pink caravan and getting told off my some very surly stewards we made our way past the tipi's to our campsite.

Thursday evening saw the weekend kick-off as party-goers went hard in the dance tents, getting down to dub and drinking and smoking as much as they could stuff in their eager mouths.

YoN stumbled upon a magical tree staffed by little people who kept the beer flowing

The rest of the weekend continued in a similarly weird manner. Unicorns and Centaurs frolicked in the mud backed up my music from The XX, Mumford and Sons and The Flaming Lips.

One night we met a man with two heads who gave us Sambuca in sticky shot glasses. We could only hope he wasn't a witch in disguise waiting to lure us back to his gingerbread house.

Meanwhile my little Carebear friends went off their heads, climbing signs, eating plastic fruit and then passing out on a piano before managing to knock the whole thing over much to the astonishment of passers-by, who wondered how these sweet little creatures had such super-human strength. As it turns out the plastic fruit was in fact full of a magical potion, or something.

And so as the harsh light of day broke through on a Monday morning, YoN packed up her Cath Kidston tent and passed out on the floor of the ferry home.