Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Somewhere in a land far far away lies a place on the other side of the rabbit hole. For those with the patience to get there, a weekend of decadence and hedonism awaits them.

Upon arrival, with very fuzzy heads, YoN and my companions got lost, which wasn't the best start. After stopping to ask the way at a delightful pink caravan and getting told off my some very surly stewards we made our way past the tipi's to our campsite.

Thursday evening saw the weekend kick-off as party-goers went hard in the dance tents, getting down to dub and drinking and smoking as much as they could stuff in their eager mouths.

YoN stumbled upon a magical tree staffed by little people who kept the beer flowing

The rest of the weekend continued in a similarly weird manner. Unicorns and Centaurs frolicked in the mud backed up my music from The XX, Mumford and Sons and The Flaming Lips.

One night we met a man with two heads who gave us Sambuca in sticky shot glasses. We could only hope he wasn't a witch in disguise waiting to lure us back to his gingerbread house.

Meanwhile my little Carebear friends went off their heads, climbing signs, eating plastic fruit and then passing out on a piano before managing to knock the whole thing over much to the astonishment of passers-by, who wondered how these sweet little creatures had such super-human strength. As it turns out the plastic fruit was in fact full of a magical potion, or something.

And so as the harsh light of day broke through on a Monday morning, YoN packed up her Cath Kidston tent and passed out on the floor of the ferry home.





  2. Thanks!! Looking forward to going rummaging on sat! x