Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A bit of Ho Ho Ho... Why not?



Last week I headed over to Portal restaurant to try out a Mad Hatter cocktail party courtesy of world renowned milliner Katherine Elizabeth.

Katherine started the day by creating a festive window display, in conjunction with florists McQueens, in which she created a bespoke hat from scratch inside the window box of the restaurant. This was followed by a cocktail party with special Alice in Wonderland themed cocktails and hat shaped canapes.

Then guests got a chance to look at and try on a selection of Katherine's fabulous hats and fascinators. I tried on a beautiful white fascinator that I really didn't want to take off. Next Katherine produced an array of material, ribbon, netting and jewels and showed us how to make our own fascinators.

Grabbing a pair of scissors, I dragged my poor friend Craig, who I had convinced to come with me with the promise of free food, into the corner to work on my new creation. Surprisingly, he got right into it and was cutting and sewing like a pro within five minutes. Together we made a pink fascinator with butterfly netting and feathers.

Everyone seemed to love having the chance to get creative and we all walked out the door with individual and stylish fascinators to show off during the party season.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Let's twist and shout. Let it all hang out. Fall to the floor. Do it some more. I love playing TWISTER and so should you!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


If you find yourself in Brixton on a Sunday, look out for these fascinating characters. ID is a ragga who likes to play Lighthouse Family and Bob Marley from a boom box in the square. Jesus Princess has been spreading the Lord's word and fighting crime for 54 years and is always happy to have a chat and jump around to Jesus.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Last night the fashion crowd headed to West London for ALICE by Temperley’s first birthday party at Paradise in Kensal Green. The dress code for the night was English Eccentrics which meant there was lots of fur, tweed and massive head wear as everyone went as mad as possible to try and out-do each other.

Alice Temperley

Aideen from 7th Man

The night didn’t get off to the best start as I pulled my camera out to take a picture and found I had no battery. Luckily as I went to check my bag in the cloakroom I ran into the lovely Aideen from 7th Man magazine who readily lent me an amazing camera and away we went to check out what the night had in store. We stopped at the bar to take advantage of the complimentary Chambord and Grey Goose Vodka cocktails, which seemed to be going down a treat with the party-goers, and then went for a dance as Ellie Goulding took to the DJ booth.

As we lined up to have our picture taken in the beautiful vintage photo booth we ran into Nathan Stewart-Jarrett from Misfits which caused much excitement for Style Cramp, who regularly meets celebrities in her job but for some reason became extremely star struck and giggly. I forced her to go and get her photo taken. When he asked her how she was she simply said, “Misfits is my favourite show. I’m sorry that just had to be said.” This had everyone around us laughing including Nathan, who was very nice!

After that we saw Bryan Ferry looking very cool, standing with a body guard in a corner wearing a massive black puffa jacket. As I went to ask him for a photo he turned and stormed off out of the party, which I hope wasn’t a reaction to me but I managed to get a picture of his back as he walked down the stairs so, result!

Feeling a bit dejected me and my friend sat down and discussed whether or not Brian Ferry actually hated us or was leaving anyway when we ran into Alice Temperley, who was looking amazing in a leopard print dress and matching hat. Her friend literally picked us up off the sofa and pushed us into the karaoke room where we sang Rihanna’s Rude Boy with a very happy and lovely Daisy Lowe.

As the night edged into the small hours we decided it was time to start the long bus ride back to central London so we got back into the coat queue to get our things. As I stood in line reflecting on what a weird night we had had I glanced at the tall man next to me who seemed very familiar. To understand the context of this story, I have to explain that I have been chasing the Hurts PR for months trying to get an interview with lead singer Theo Hutchcraft for my blog. As the cogs whirled in my head I thought I'd test the waters. “I like your earring,” I said, to which he laughed and didn’t reply. After a couple of minutes I decided it was now or never and said, “You’re in a band aren’t you?” To which he replied to the affirmative. As I explained the story everyone around me wondered why I had suddenly started acting like such a fruit-cake and talking in giggly gasps but Theo, deciding that I wasn’t some kind of stalker insisted on doing the interview there and then.

So here it is, as written on the back of a napkin...

Me: “How does your music influence your style?”

Theo: “It doesn’t really. I think they are two very different things.”

Me:”If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?”

Theo: “Chill out. Or this is it.”

Me: “What would you do if an alien landed in your back garden?”

Theo: “Dress it up like my little sister and keep it in my cupboard.”

Me “If you could play one song to the world, what would it be.”

Theo: “Billy Jean.”

So we headed back to our neck of the woods with several other people dressed as mad hatters and country gentlemen. The image of us all on the night bus, dressed like people from another planet pretty much sums up the night for me.

YoN and Style Cramp


Monday, November 22, 2010


This selection of nude fashion photography by Jean Clemmer in collaboration with Paco Rabanne will be on show at Flash Projects pop-up store in Kingly Street from this week.

The stunning pictures are from the 60s when Clemmer wanted to express the new sexual freedom of the era alongside the "unwearable" new style of clothing by Rabanne. The mixture of nudity with futuristic fashion was, and still is, groundbreaking and the show has some original prints as well as limited editions on sale.


Monday, November 15, 2010


This winter is all about statement items. There are lots of over-sized coats, bags, scarves and hats. If you have to wrap-up warm, you may as well wrap yourself in something beautiful and daring!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Forever 21 is big news in the states and they have over 460 stores world-wide. It is very much fast-fashion, with bright, loud stores packed to the seems with endless rails of multi-coloured wares. They are opening in Birmingham and Ireland this year and are planning to make to move to London next year. In the mean time British customers can now shop on their website - www.forever21.com.

As a multi-national company could be expected to do, they went hard with the launch, recruiting Amber Le Bon as the face of the European launch, who opened and closed the show and said she was "thrilled" to be working with the brand.

As for the clothes themselves, in the words of my friend who shall remain anonymous, "I liked it but for all the wrong reasons." YoN thinks this is because said friend has decided to go to Glasto this year as a 90s hippy and spotted some bell-bottoms and maxi-dresses that wouldn't have looked out of place at a fancy-dress party. Sadly they also lose points for there being about 5 men at the party and most of them were gay which meant we were all drunk and had no one to flirt with.


Friday, November 5, 2010


YoN is clearly getting a little obsessed with WAH NAILS since I've blogged about them three times in the last month or so but I finally got the chance to get some nail art of my very own at the Dalston salon last night!

The event was to promote the new Model's Own and WAH NAILS collaboration on lovely new nail art pens. The pens are available in black and white and mean it will now be a lot easier to recreate the WAH look in your own home! In particular they make writing and fiddly squiggles a whole lot easier.

YoN got the chance to chat with the blooming Sharmadean Reid who founded WAH NAILS last August. She reckons leopard print is still the most popular style but classy finishes like the classic half-moon tip are going to be the next big thing. "Because everyone has had such a hard year, after the recession, people want to let their hair down a bit with lots of glitter, metallic pinks and golds and most of all to just have fun with their nails."

I got pale blue POWs that have had me running around shouting POW POW at people all day!

Check out the Models Own and WAH NAILS blogs here...