Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yay or Nay is a very very happy bunny after managing to blag free tickets to Wireless Festival in Hyde Park yesterday. YoN ran around like a very excitable child taking crowd photography of these awesome people...

...when YoN turned around and literally ran into the stunning and lovely Lisa Snowdon. Staggering away in shock, who did YoN turn around to find but Henry Holland, who is also an absolute sweetheart, shaking his booty to Missy Elliot!

As if the day wasn't already pretty up there, YoN, being very confused and star-struck already, stumbled upon some kind of fashion shoot, which YoN will leave for a separate blog post as it does in fact deserve one of its own...

Although there were doubts about how fun a London festival can be, what with the inevitable general social disorder implied, there was a surprisingly friendly and fun-filled vibe with all sorts of different people coming together to try and enjoy the sun and beats while they last. Crazy party-goers shared the love and happy pills were a-plenty.

There was plenty of flesh on show as guys showed-off their abs and girls showed off the cream of festival fashion which included lots of crop-tops and bright pink lipstick. Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg and 2 Many DJs rocked out although LCD Soundsystem received a less than friendly reception which included a number of thrown bottles. All in all a very good time was had by all.


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  1. Hiya! You took a photo of me and my mate at wireless. I remembered we failed to give each other business cards lol, but I only just found your blog now, a bit slow! Anyway, the posts are great. I laughed as well 'cause my boyfriend is looking ever-so-pale in the second to last photo. Have you got any more photos by chance you could email me? it's vc.photography@hotmail.com

    It was nice to meet you anyway :) x