Saturday, January 30, 2010


There are certain expectations from a British festival. Foremost of these is the certainty that, no-matter how lovely the weather is in the preceding weeks, during the first few hours of the festivities the heavens will open and everyone will spend the rest of the weekend thrashing about in mud. If, by some lucky chance, you avoid waking up to find your tent has collapsed into a suspicious looking puddle, you will certainly spend a sleepless night shivering with borderline pneumonia, only to wake-up the next morning sweating, gasping for air and with the mother of all hangovers.

The beauty of holding a one-day festival, in the Aussie summer, is that you avoid all these difficulties. Wellies are replaced with thongs (flip-flops – for those with dirty minds and not familiar with Australian slang,) tea in soggy cups is replaced with frozen margaritas and at the end of the day rather than passing out in a campsite you can pass out, well, wherever you want but not at the festival.

We started the day over at the Converse Essential Stage, where Tame Impala brought the rock with their psychedelic 70s vibe. Although their sound is certainly unique, the Indie Boy uniform of skinny jeans and long hair was slightly unimaginative and they could have certainly learnt a lesson in style from the visually brilliant Kasabian.

Lead singer Tom commanded the stage by opening with “Get loose”, and not allowing their eager fans to stop jumping until the end of the set.

Note to add, we particularly enjoyed Serge’s attire and his beauty and just Serge in general. Although to the Noel Gallagher look-a-like guitarist , we appreciate that you are influenced by your friends Oasis but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like them.

Continuing the proceedings, Dizzee Rascal proved you can take the man out of East London but just don’t throw a can of beer on stage or you will get a bashing from his crew. As crowds surged to his pounding party beats, people looked on stunned as Dizzee stopped the music and leaped into the audience yelling, “OI!! Who threw that tin at me?”

The mood was lifted in a happier direction by the delicious Lily Allen who proved she is no Britney Spears as she performed flawlessly regardless of a broken ear-piece. Ever-witty and sharp, she looked sexy as in a black body-suit and high-tops as the girls in the audience sang along to man-bashing hits like “It’s Not Fair.”

A good BIG DAY OUT was had by all.


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