Thursday, January 14, 2010


What better way to spend Christmas Eve than exposing yourself to the whole town with a bunch of mushroomed-up hippies?

While police tried their best to limit the disarray, and a stoner Santa-girl got her kicks by simulating rape on unfortunate bystanders, we decided to live out our fantasy of skinny-dipping in Byron Bay. After a few initial attempts to muster up some enthusiasm amongst the revellers, we stumbled upon a group of hippies who were more than encouraging of our goal of getting as many people as possible naked in the water.

Before we knew it, there were chants of “NAKED OCEAN. NAKED OCEAN.” and the group found themselves running towards the ocean throwing their clothes in the sand. As we hesitated knee-deep in the freezing water, a random naked dude came up behind us, picked Nat up and threw her in, completely disregarding all no-body-contact protocols usually associated with being naked amongst complete strangers.

The flashes of car-headlights and cameras above us on the beach just added to the fun. Look out for pictures of our naked forms making their way to a Facebook page near you soon.


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