Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last week I headed over to Portal restaurant to try out a Mad Hatter cocktail party courtesy of world renowned milliner Katherine Elizabeth.

Katherine started the day by creating a festive window display, in conjunction with florists McQueens, in which she created a bespoke hat from scratch inside the window box of the restaurant. This was followed by a cocktail party with special Alice in Wonderland themed cocktails and hat shaped canapes.

Then guests got a chance to look at and try on a selection of Katherine's fabulous hats and fascinators. I tried on a beautiful white fascinator that I really didn't want to take off. Next Katherine produced an array of material, ribbon, netting and jewels and showed us how to make our own fascinators.

Grabbing a pair of scissors, I dragged my poor friend Craig, who I had convinced to come with me with the promise of free food, into the corner to work on my new creation. Surprisingly, he got right into it and was cutting and sewing like a pro within five minutes. Together we made a pink fascinator with butterfly netting and feathers.

Everyone seemed to love having the chance to get creative and we all walked out the door with individual and stylish fascinators to show off during the party season.


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