Monday, August 16, 2010


Relentless Boardmasters was where the country kids snuck off to last weekend for the rare chance to combine world-class surfing with some festival antics. Fistral Beach sessions and surf comps were the highlight of the week. Although you can't escape feeling the whole thing would have been so much more hedonistic if beach-goers weren't huddled against the rain in anoraks. None-the-less there were plenty of crazy party-heads who were determined to get their kicks rain or no.

Skater kids hung around for the BMX, Surf and skate comps, where the pros showcased some serious moves.

Meanwhile girls and boys floated about the Watergate sessions to catch some Seasick Steve, Example and Chase & Status but mostly to rub their bodies with temporary tattoos, drink cheap vodka out of "water bottles" and grind in the dance tents.

After blagging a photo-pass from a drunk PR boy, YoN went to check out Chase & Status and New Young Pony Club causing mayhem in the Relentless stage which is made extra rave-tastic from the advantage of having inflatable walls.

Hand-core punk rockers The Gallows ensured no audience member was safe with their mosh-friendly set, one of them even appears to have set himself alight... Now that's dedication. Allegedly Plan B was head-butting people in the crowd but as YoN was too scared to take a closer look, this remains unverified.

And finally, as we prepared for the six hour hungover drive home, the sun came out... Makes me proud to be British!


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